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Time Sharing

Ownership / Rent

Timed ownership is one of the types of ownership that has been devised for making optimum use of the facilities and preventing stagnancy and uselessness of capital. Considering its reliable profitability and low risk of investment, this system has been used in many countries for many years and is presently the most economic and suitable method in administration of many tourism complexes and hotels. This method has been used in Iran for some years and is considered to be a successful experience in the field of investment.

In the timed ownership system, a number of owners (at least one and at most twelve) are entitled to the right to use the property within a certain range of time. Each ownership package in this system consists of the right to use the property for one week in each season (totally four weeks throughout the year) for ever. In order to have uniform quality in ownership packages, each of the owners will have a floating using time throughout the year

Thus, each owner only pays part of the expenses, which is in proportion to his time of use of the Complex facilities. In addition, each owner is provided with hosting and hotel facilities while staying in the Complex.

Apart from what was said above, investment of each owner may be transferred, as in the Stock Exchange, while the owner is entitled to profit considering the increasing value of the Complex.

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